English translation of leaked 31 August 2014 minutes of high-level security, military meeting; complete text | posted 29 September 2014

“Looking Directly into the Heart of Darkness: What the Khartoum Regime Really Thinks”  (leaked minutes of critical August 2014 meeting of senior military and security official—Eric Reeves, 29 September 2014                       .

English translation of 31 August 2014 high-level security, military meeting,  posted 29 September 2014

In the name of God most gracious and most merciful

Restricted and Confidential

Date: 01/09/2014                                                                  Republic of Sudan

National Intelligence & Security Service

Central Security Corporation

Management of Military Activities

To: Lt. Gen. Osman Tajasir

The Managing Director of Central Security Corporation

Peace be on you,

Find enclosed:

1/ Joint Military and Security Committee Meeting held in National Defense College on 31/08/2014.

2/ Support Hamas Meeting held in Sudan Scientific Corporation Premises on 31/08/2014.

Sign.    Maj. Gen. (Security): Abdal-Wahab Al-Rashiid


In the name of God most gracious and most merciful

Minutes of the Military and Security Committee Meeting held in the National Defense College, Sunday 31/08/ 2014

# 1st Lt. Gen. Bakri Hasan Salih welcomed the attendance.

# Reading and analysis of the SRF. Statement 20 – 25/08/2014.

# Study of Paris Declaration signed by the SRF and Sadik Al-Mahdi on 18/08/2014.

# Activities report covering Sadik Al-Mahdi visits and meetings in Cairo, Arab Emirates and Addis-Ababa.

# Reports on Rebel Leaders activities, contacts and meetings.

The Agenda of the meeting:

  • Paris Declaration and SRF statement impact.
  • Radical and moderate trends in regards to Shite Belief activities in Sudan.
  • President Mbeke role and Sudanese issues.
  • Elections, National Dialogue and Peace Negotiations- The Priority.
  • New Sudan Project and its impact on the national security and economic activity.


  • 1st Gen. Bakri Hasan Salih –                               1st Vice President of the Republic of Sudan
  • 1st Gen. Abdal-Rahim Mohammed Hisen –     Minister of Defence.
  • ,,   ,,     ,,   Mohammed Atta- Al- Mowla –          Director General N.I.S.S.
  • ,,   ,,   ,,     Hashim Osman Al-Hisen –                Director General of Police.
  • ,, ,,    ,,     Hashim Abdalla Mohammed –          Chief of Joint General Staff.
  • Gen.     Imadadiin Adaw   –                                  Chief of Joint Operations.
  • Ibrahim Ghandur –                                                D/ Chairman of the N.C.P.
  • ,,     ,,         Siddiig Aamir –                                    Director General of M.I. and Security.
  • ,,     ,,         Al-Rashiid Fagiri –                              Director of Popular Security.
  • ,,     ,,         Abdalla Al-Jaili   –                              PDF General Co-ordinator.
  • ,,     ,,         Abdal-Gadir Mohammed Zeen –     National Service Co-ordinator.
  • ,,     ,,         Salah Al- Tayib   –                               DDR Commissioner.
  • Mustafa Osman Ismail –                                      Political Secretary-NCP.

Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail – Political Secretary of the NCP:

We are currently facing an acute economic crisis that need to be addressed in order to alleviate the suffering of our people, and look for alternatives that can enable us to control the market forces. We have to put in mind that, we are heading soon to elections (April 2015) and the National Dialogue which is going now. We have to tackle it, in order not to allow our detractors use it and incite people to go for demonstrations during the election season as happened in Sept. 2013.

The last attempt of the uprising in 2013 was a political crisis created by the racist and tribal project of the New Sudan, which is designed to create war- lords and endless wars in the country. It has led to the separation of the South and started a new war in the two countries on racial basis. It has to be countered, because it constitute a real threat and hindered all planned investment projects and development projects in the country. According to the economic indicators, that crisis can only be attributed to the on-going war in Darfur and the two areas, plus the inter-tribal conflicts in Darfur and Kordofan. Leave aside the recent diplomatic activities of the SRF in Europe and Addis-Ababa and its visible impact on the internal opposition thinking as well as the national dialogue and our regional and international relations.

Should we allow this drama to continue in order to endanger our national security and political future? It is intended to put an end to the Islamists rule, political restructuring and to send all the Islamist leaders to courts for trial. Their plan is to see that, the elections do not take place. Accordingly, we must support all the efforts carried by Mbeke. But on my side I’m not optimistic that, the SRF factions will agree to Mbeke option, because all of them have adopted the New Sudan Project, that is working to see the fall of the NCP Islamists.

The Paris declaration is part of a big plan using Sadik Al- Mahdi to isolate the NCP. Regionally and internationally, with the proposed transitional government that should oversee the holding of the constitutional conference intended to dismantle the Islamists rule.

Paris Declaration intention is to unite the opposition, participate in the national dialogue with the aim to restructure the Sudanese state and remove the Islamic movement from power. They want to prevent us from conducting the elections, because the elections will give us another five years of legitimacy. If we insisted to hold the elections, they declared that they will turn the elections into an occasion for demonstrations or an uprising, and cause instability that is beyond the control of the government as a step to take-over the government. They are planning to use the political parties to serve SRF interests.

On our side we started a campaign (political, media and diplomatic) to counter their plans. On top we approached political parties who are loyal to us and agreed to hold the elections on time, and they must participate and contest the elections. We promised to increase the financial support to enable them meet the expenses of holding their party conferences, in addition to the cost of participation in the elections, provided that it is a coordinated and joint work.

The number of the political parties who are loyal to us is big and enough to give us the required legitimacy. Accordingly, we will not recognize the SRF, we have to continue the military operations in order to liberate the areas they control. No comprehensive solution. We are negotiate[ing] with the SPLM-N the two areas only in Addis Ababa and the other armed movements on Darfur only in Doha. The national dialogue is to take place in Khartoum and under the chairmanship of President Bashir.

No dialogue to take place abroad. Let us encourage the youth to register and join the army to fight the SRF. We shall maintain good relations with the National Consensus Forces (NCF) in order to deceive the regional and international communities. So, Mbeke meeting with the armed forces in Addis Ababa is just a public relations exercise, because nobody will force us to negotiate with them collectively. Regarding the dialogue from within, it will take place according to our conditions, whoever wants to participate in it should surrender his guns first (disarmament). This despite the fact that we allowed political parties who are participating in the national dialogue (Ghazi Salahadiin and Ahmed Saad Omer) to go and meet the armed movements with the aim to convince them to come and join the dialogue without conditions.

Regarding our deteriorating economy, I met the Egyptians and found that they are fearing from the presence of the Muslim Brothers in Sudan, but I, assured them, that if they stopped the activities of the armed movements in Cairo, we will control the activities of the Muslim Brothers.

On the other side the Gulf State complained from the expansion of the Shite belief in Sudan, and that is why they are not going to invest in Sudan. They want some balance in the relation with Iran. In my personal view our relation with Iran is an strategic one in the areas of defense and security, but allowing them to operate two hundred (200) cultural centers that are proselytizing Shite Beliefs created many problems with the other radical Sunni Islamic groups, given the fact that, we have many Islamic Sunni Salafi (fundamentalists) organizations belonging to different radical groups from all over the world. We need to strike a balance in the relation between Gulf States and Iran. Our diplomacy must work here.

In the open let us maintain good relations with the Gulf States, but strategically with Iran and to be managed secretly by the M.I. and security organs. I sat with the president and suggested to him that how we can improve our relations with the Gulf States without affecting our strategic alliance with Iran. We also agreed to consult with the Iranian leadership before we take any action on the cultural centers matter. So, the president assigned somebody, we did the consultation and we reached an agreement to that, the Iranians close the (200) cultural centers of Shite belief crusaders, without affecting the cultural chancellery and the missions in the embassy.

Let us win the hearts and minds of the Gulf States and work closely with them also in order to read their minds and plans. We can find out whether they are intending to support us or just conspiring to spoil our relation with Iran and expose our back to the enemy. In both cases Iran is going to benefit. Adopting a moderate policy is the right thing to deal with such a situation. But Iran may object to the idea that we improve our relation with the Gulf States, meanwhile our economy rely very much on the Saudi Kingdom in terms of investments and expatriates money transfers. Saudis are scared from the Iranian military presence in Sudan and may not allow their banks to resume transactions with Sudan banks in terms of letters of credits for export/import traders plus expatriate transfers to their relatives.

The faster the rearrangement of priorities is important to enable us take the initiative to foil all the conspiracies that are hatching around against us. In order to make the cost of changing our regime very expensive and those who think to go out and demonstrate against us must know that, they will pay their lives as a price for the change. The only option in front of us now is the dialogue that is leading to the holding of the elections on time. No way for postponement of the elections what so ever the case. I met the E.U. ambassadors and all of them are supporting the dialogue initiative that can lead to political reforms and they donated $18 million for education programs in Darfur.

They also requested a visit to Darfur, and I, promised to permit them.

  • Lt. Gen. Salah Al-Tayib – DDR Commissioner:

I, agree with what brother Mustafa said, that our military and security relations with Iran should not contradict our brotherly and diplomatic relation with Saudi and Emirates countries, especially at this moment, when axis policies, polarization and alliances has surfaced at the level of the region. Currently, there are three million Sudanese employees working in the Gulf States and especially in the Saudi Kingdom.

The armed movements and Sadik Al-Mahdi are lost. Paris Declaration did not help them, Addis Ababa also did not help them, and they are still heading to Africa direction. What matters is the forces on the ground. The armed movements lost some of their field commanders and cadres in the war. We must continue dismantling them. We managed to win and absorb 1,350 officers, NCOs and men from JEM and we dismissed the rest by paying each one of them fifty thousand pounds (Ls. 50.000) and promised to establish for them permanent income generating projects.

On the other side all South Kordofan and Blue Nile youth in all the states joined the RSF (Janjawiid) with the aim to expel the rebels and help their relatives quit the refugee camps and return to their villages and homes. We shall develop and strengthen our political relations with their leadership in the person of Bakhit Dabajo. They constitute a real support to Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in Darfur. We transported and deployed them to certain camps and assigned good officers to train them and change their military doctrine. Dabajo said he has contacts with Minni and Jibriil movements and we shall make use of these connections to win their soldiers to our side. Regarding Danial Kodi and Abdal-Bagi Garfa they brought officers, NCOs and men and they still have others inside the Nuba Mountains, and we told them that, anybody who comes we will take him to DDR program and secure their future. The same policy will be applied to Blue Nile rebels, where Abbas Juma and Kumundan Joda are working hard to bring fighters. What we know is that, all the armed movements are falling apart and withering away.

The elections must take place on time. Holding the elections constitutes a psychological war against the armed movements and may frustrate them and lead to the end of the project of the New Sudan Project.

The AUHIP representative Abdul Mohammed told me that, the armed movements do not trust Mbeke on one side and that, Malik and Yasir complained against him to the Ethiopian Prime Minister and the American envoy.

Lt. Gen. Abdal-Gadir Mohammed Zeen – National Service Coordinator:

The decision to strike a balance in our relation with Iran on one side and the Gulf States on the other side is important, but I, have a question. Are you sure Saudi Arabia can change its mind after it has classified the Muslim Brothers as terrorists? On the other hand you know that, our relation with Iran is part and parcel of our relation with the Muslim Brother-hood International Islamic Organization. Accordingly, we must consult with Iran and our Islamist group, before taking any step in this regard. This is, because the Kingdom cannot be trusted, despite their knowledge that we are in a position to threaten their rule.

I agree to the plan that we work to divide and disperse the armed movements and that, we continue the military operations against them also.

The Egyptians have no choice, but to establish especial relations with us, given the victory of the Islamists in the battle for Tripoli, despite Egyptian support to Gen. Haftar. They will not dare to open two fronts, one against Libya and the other against us. These are useful cards at hand and we should use them properly.

Yasir Arman has contacts with the Youth and Women groups urging them to organize and participate in the demonstrations in order to sabotage the coming elections, but we are prepared, and this year we have already trained suicidal teams and strategic battalions to protect the elections and assist the police to suppress any such activities that may be carried out by the rebellion or the supporters of the New Sudan Project.

  • Lt. Gen. Abdalla Al-Jaili – PDF General Coordinator:

In the last twenty-five years we were targeted because of our relation with Iran, and that the two revolutions are committed to Islamic teachings. There is no state other than Iran who has the courage to say no to the whole West. Iran is a real partner to the Ingaz revolution (NCP). It was Iran who provided unlimited support to us, by the time Saudi Arabia was supporting Garang and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). Let us test the credibility of these Gulf States, despite my belief that, they are pro-America.

Paris Declaration is part of a big conspiracy contrived against us. We should not recognize it, instead we should confront it, through political and media campaign, in order to protect our cadres and party members from being lured. The armed movements are looking for recognition and legitimacy through dialogue or negotiations, but we must deny them any recognition. The youth of the two areas have already accepted to join the PDF, and we trained and graduated (80) batches in all the states (different ages), but three Brigades of them are ready for combat in order to protect the elections and face the rebellion. Demonstrations or uprising is a red line and will be confronted with fire and those who are interested in the New Sudan Project should go to the South.

  • Lt. Gen. Al-Rashiid Fagiri – Director of Popular Security: 

In our preparations for the elections we are six months ahead of time. Also we have already increased the number of our agents within the other political parties who are working inside the country, with the aim to influence the decision making process in each party to our favor. We managed to increase our presence (membership) in each party political bureau to two thirds of its’ members. The opposition political parties were 34 out of which 17 are members of the National Consensus Forces (NCF). Then beside that, there are other eighty (80) Government political parties, and majority of their leaders are with us. I, mean to say that we have the loyalty of the majority of members from the base (bottom) to the leading bodies in each and every political party. Even the Umma Party is infiltrated in a big way, that we are dominating in each decision making process within it. But a new development took place in Umma party, where by Sadik Al-Mahdi replaced Siddiig Ismail with Mohammed Abdalla Adduma as in charge of the liaison with the armed movements. All of us must work to return the liaison file to Siddiig Ismail. On top we must put pressure on Sadik family through his children to see him return to Sudan and we pardon him, provided that, he disown Paris Declaration and sever any relation with the SRF.

You all know Sadik nature. He is impatient. When he waits for long and no result, he can change his mind and return, especially when he discovers that, the rebels have used him to serve their agenda and he gave them what they lost in the battle field. I’m sure that, with little diplomatic, political and media effort, we will achieve that, especially, when Sadik see the failure of the rebels conspiracies in the country and in the liberation theatre.

Regarding the rebels, I, can say that we have managed to infiltrate their rank and file. We are following all their movements, chats, private affairs with women, the type of alcohol preferred or taken by each one, the imaginary talks when they get drank. We have ladies who are always in contact with them. The ladies managed to send to us their e-mails, telephone numbers, skypes, whats-ups and all their means of communications. By that, we are now able to infiltrate them electronically. We are following all their activities and contacts with people inside the country. Yasir Arman has more contacts with the interior, coordinating with a whats-up group that we infiltrated. Cairo office also is active making contacts to encourage the youth and women to organize demonstrations against the government. In our activities abroad, we are now concentrating on the SPLM-N. Because we believe that, if we managed to destroy the SPLM-N, the threat to our rule will vanish. Our plan to destroy the SPLM-N composed of three stages:

  • 1st Scenario: NCP cadres to infiltrate SPLM- N offices and branches in the Refugee Camps, Liberated areas, South Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia. So, we instructed our cadres to stay there under various covers (Business, etc…etc…) in order to recruit more elements using money.
  • Another plan is that, we detain some of our cadres, but we detain them with their consent, and put them in safe place for some time, then we hint for some NGOs. And Independent political characters to campaign for their release. The aim is that, when our collaborator is freed, he will get protection from the UN. Agencies and will be granted asylum. More- over he will be supported by NGOs. Since he is considered a refugee. When he settles in that country, he can infiltrate the movements’ offices in that country. After that we contact them to get regular reports about the SPLM-n chapters activities in the Diaspora. We managed to send many such collaborators to most countries.
  • Some collaborators are sent to AU HQs in Addis Ababa to follow SPLM-N activities, like whom do they meet, their impressions, etc… etc… Our elements use different means to collect strategic information plus discovering the elements of strength and weakness in the SPLM-N.

We are also working to cause problems, suspicion and differences among the Nuba in order to destroy the Mountains Trade and Development Bank based in Juba. This bank is the one supporting the war effort in the whole of Sudan. This bank constitute[s a] greater threat than the SPLM-N itself.

  • We are working to cause differences and divisions within the SRF to weaken and destroy it. The same policy of divide and weaken will be applied to all the political forces in the north, like DUP, Eastern Sudan, Umma party after we see Sadik comes back. We bring him back using his own sons Abdal-Rahman and Bushra to convince him. We collected all the information about the SPLM-n cadres and working now to launch a psychological warfare campaign on them to see that, they got divided like the SPLM in the South.
  • All the Embassies and Chanceries in Khartoum are infiltrated and our elements report to us who visited the Embassy and who went out from the Embassy staff and to where?
  • In order to foil the New Sudan Project we are watching closely all political party activities. When we discover that a politician is going abroad to meet the rebels we usually prevent him not to travel.
  • Lt. Gen. Siddiig Aamir – Director of M.I. and Security:

I, agree to all what you said.

My comment is on our relation with Saudi and Emirates on one side and Iran on the other side. We are capable and also know how to mislead the Gulf States by taking open, declared steps and procedures towards improving diplomatic relations with them, while knowing that, they are backed by the Americans and Israel. They also fear from our relation with Iran. Our relation with Iran is beneficial to us, because Iran is our biggest ally in the region, in terms of the cooperation in the areas of intelligence and military industrial production. This is due to our web-like relations with all the Islamic Movements World Wide. The importance of this relation comes from the fact that we constitute for Iran to all the Islamic groups.

Currently the Arab World got divided into two axis or alliances, the resistance axis and the moderate axis. We are supposed to find a foot holds in both camps. This situation became apparent when we nominated General/ Mahjub Sharfi (Former Director of M.I. and Security of SAF) as ambassador to Cairo to supervise the activities of the Islamic Movements in the Arab countries of North Africa and follow up the Sudanese Opposition activities in Egypt. The Egyptians rejected him. We understood the message. Again the Egyptians want us to take the side if Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. Before that, the Egyptian detained the money intended for our Embassy in Cairo Airport. We told them that, we are not in a position to transfer the money through a bank. One of them said, but Saudi Arabia can solve this problem of money transfer.

This is the second message. In my opinion we should not leave Saudi Arabia and the Emirates for Sadik Al-Mahdi and the SRF to roam in them freely. We should confront them and tell them openly that, we got evidence (audio tapes, names etc…etc..), that you Saudis and Emirates are the ones who financed Sept. 2014 uprising and demonstrations in Khartoum to bring our government down. In addition to their previous attempts to recruit Islamic leaders and it happened that, they contacted two of our officers with the ranks of Brigadier Generals and sat with them here in Khartoum. Before that Mohammed Atta and I, sat with the two officers and encouraged them to meet the Saudis and understand their objective and we gave them guarantees.

After five meetings with the Saudis the two officers disclosed to us that [they] want a coup-de-etat to be carried out by Islamist officers who are pro-Saudi- Arabia. This happened with the knowledge of the president, the COGS, Minister of Defense, Security Chiefs and popular Security. Then we all agreed not to take any action that may disturb the relation with the Saudi Kingdom since we are in control of the situation. At the end the two Brigadiers told them that, carrying a coup-de-ta is difficult, because all the current army officers and the Islamic Movement Members are elements of the popular security organ. We managed through the two officers to follow the threats coming from the side of Saudi Arabia to our system of rule.

I, think we should improve the relation with the Saudis and benefit from them, but it must be clear that, they are not trustable. At the same time we maintain our strategic relation with Iran.

Let us continue to dismantle the armed movements and the mechanisms to do that are already in place and working. This year the Sudan People’s Army (SPLA-N) managed to cultivate large areas in South Kordofan State. We must not allow them to harvest these crops. We should prevent them. Good harvest means supplies to the war effort. We must starve them, so that, commanders and civilians desert them and we recruit the deserters to use them in the war to defeat the rebels.

We are the only state that will not be affected by the conflicts taking place between Sunni Islamic groups and the Shite’. This is, because we succeeded to manage good relations with all Islamic groups, through the cover of social organizations, and not through the state apparatus. The secret of the strength of the Ingaz (NCP) government lies in the smooth management of the alliance with Shite’ Iran on one side and the alliance with the Sunni Islamic groups on the other side. Any negligence or failure to maintain this fragile relation between the Sunni and Shite’, will be disastrous and we shall be the biggest losers.

The South is still supporting the rebels with the aim to change our government in Khartoum. In order to counter that danger, we are pre-empting them by a plan to infiltrate and empty the refugee camps, recruit field commanders and train the sons of the war affected areas to fight and defeat the rebellion.

It happened that the Saudi Military attaché paid me a visit, and told me that his government is ready to cooperate with us in military areas, and they are ready to supply whatever logistics needed by SAF. The aim is to promote that relation, into full cooperation between the two governments. He said we are the closest people to you. I told him that, you are cooperating with America to the maximum and without consideration to the rights of others. Also the Emirates military attaché is visiting always and we listen to him.

My opinion is that, the Shite’ religious activities may cause differences, particularly in the presence of the Salafi Sunni Movements, Muslim Brothers, Wahabis, Sharia Supporters, People of the Wholly Book, Emigration Group, Tabliigh (messengers) group, Caliphate State and the Dawa Supporters. We don’t want collusion [with] that, may cause us to lose the two (Shite’ and Sunni) at a go. We must explain to the Irani[an] M.I. the threats we expect and they should understand, so that we keep the relation with both parties. At the same time we tell the Saudis that we are taking your side.

We intensified the work to train and graduate Libyan M.I. cadres. Currently, they are undergoing an advanced course in in Internet operation, de-ciphering of codes, interception of telephones and wire-less radios. Their leadership requested us to train and establish for them a strong M.I. apparatus.

  • Lt. Gen. Yahya Mohammed Kher – State Minister of Defense:

The major force in the alliance between the rebels and Sadik Al-Mahdi is the SPLM-N. The benefit from the alliance whether politically, diplomatically or media wise goes to the SPLM-N. Due to the presence of three of its most important political and military leaders in those meetings. The SPLM-N is trying to repeat the same Scenario done by Garang in Asmara conference for substantive issues. We must open our eyes, and prevent the SPLM from playing tactics, because in the past, it was known that, if Garang lost battles in the operation theatre, he attacks another target and cover with political move somewhere else. They are losing in the field, but trying to raise the morale of their forces by signing Paris Declaration and defer the problem they are facing.

We should not recognize Paris Declaration, because it is a conspiracy designed by the enemies of Sudan. We must defeat the SPLM/A, push it out of the two areas. The negotiations will be confined to the two areas only (South Kordofan and Blue Nile). The Darfur movements lost their forces. Still if they want negotiations let them go to Doha forum, not Addis Ababa.

This year will mark the end of the rebellion, because we shall send a big force that will attack from all directions. We shall take them by surprise, by sending big forces from Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile and Darfur.in an offensive supported by Air Force, heavy bombardment. We defeat and turn them into a political opposition that is easy to dismantle.

Our relation with Iran is strategic. We should put them in picture regarding our intention to close down their cultural centers for security reasons, because there is a threat to these centers from some Sunni radical groups who may target them and cause differences. But again we must take a simultaneous step towards the Wahabi group, to avoid any misunderstanding by the Iranians. The possibility [is] that Iranians [will] misinterpret our action to be one-sided and targeting Shite’ group only. It can push Sudanese Shite to go underground and operate clandestinely, which can cause greater threat. Any limited and temporary step we take, to serve and secure our interests with the Saudis and Gulf States is welcome. But we should not hurry, because they made an attempt before to change our government, when they supported Sept. 2013 demonstrations. It was an offending action by Saudis that we cannot forget, but they were scared of our silence, thinking that we will react by supporting some radical groups in their country, since we did not point our finger to anybody.

During the Air-force exhibition in Dubai, I, met some Saudi and Emirates officers who talked a lot about Sept. 2013 uprising in an attempt to find out the impact of those demonstrations on us, pretending to be sympathetic, but their real intention was to discover whether we are aware about their involvement in those events.

The Gulf States have only very weak information about the terrorist groups that are based in Libya, Somali, Nigeria, Mali, North Africa Arab Countries and Afghanistan, because they have bad relations with these radical groups. They want us to cooperate with them in the war against terrorism, because the radical groups constitute direct threat to them. Their relation with ISIS, Nusra Front, Muslim Brothers and Palestine Islamic Movement is even weaker. We will not sacrifice our relations with the Islamists and Iran for a relation with the Saudis and the Gulf States. What is possible is a relation that serves our economic interests in terms of investments, employment market etc..etc..

The Egyptians are to improve their relation with us. The price is that we control and prevent the Muslim Brothers and the radical groups in Libya from attacking Egyptian installations. This position must be generalized to cover Saudi Kingdom, the Emirates and even America, that we did cooperate with them in the war against terrorism, for them to stop supporting the armed movements in the international forums or supply them with logistics.

Our intelligence and security files, can play a role in the improvement of our economy and diplomatic relations. Also it can be used to abort the rebellion conspiracies against us.

The victory of our people in Libya is an indication that we will also achieve victory over the New Sudan Project.

  • Lt. Gen. (PSC) – Imadadiin Adawi – Chief of Joint Operations:

I consent to all what was said by the Commanders, and that should be turned immediately into resolutions for implementation.

I would like to talk about the achievements scored by the operations staff. We managed to secure the boarders with Ethiopia and have already signed an agreement to form a joint force covering the whole boarders between the two countries, exchange of information, prevention of any insurgency that can start from one country against the other, and our contribution or role in the protection of Nahda Dam (Renaissance Dam). This agreement is beneficiary to us, because we can use it to cross into the Ethiopian side of the boarder in the name of visiting the refugees, which can allow us to recruit Ethiopian soldiers who can collect and supply us with the necessary information about SPLA-N camps in Yabus and other areas to be bombarded by air force.

This agreement also annoyed the Egyptians who considered it as a military pact signed against them, and it constitutes a threat to their interests in the waters of the Blue Nile. That prompted them to concede when decided to prevent Ali Mahmud Hasaneen (Sudanese Opposition Leader) in order not to hold his party convention in Cairo as a sign of good will. On top they hurried to open Ashkeet land passage at the border near Halfa and they extended an invitation to the president to visit Egypt. This means lifting the ban on the Muslim brothers. We must benefit from this change in the Egyptian government position and use it to ask them to stop Sadik Al-Mahdi and other opposition leader’s activities in Cairo. We also expect president Sesi to help improve our relation with the Gulf Stares. He will do that to buy security for his country not to be destabilized by the Muslim Brothers who can stop confrontations at least for the time being.

Our joint forces with Tchad are at the best state. The Libyan boarder is totally secured, especially after the victory of our allies (Libya Dawn Forces) in Tripoli. We managed to reach to them the weapons and military equipment donated by Qatar and Turkey and we formed a joint operations room under a colonel for coordination purposes with them on how to administer the military operations. Turkey and Qatar provided us with information in favor of the revolutionaries on top of the information collected by our own agents that benefit them to win the war and control the whole country.

The greatest threat to us is coming from South Sudan. They are refusing to agree on drawing the zero line. We suggested the formation of joint forces with them, but they also refused. They are still supporting the two divisions of Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile. Accordingly, we must provide Riak forces with big support in order to wage the war against Juba and clean the whole of Greater Upper Nile area. Riak and Taban during their visit to Khartoum disclosed to us everything about the logistical support from Juba to the rebels, the route of supply and who transport it to them. Also gave us information about the meetings held between Juba and the rebels in regards to the disengagement between the two divisions and the SPLM/A South.

The support Salva gives to the two divisions. The intentions of Salva towards us in Khartoum and the presence of the Americans and the Israelis in Juba and the support they give. In addition to Musevini support to the SRF and the hosting of Kampala to the majority of the rebel leaders and the arrangement made between Juba and Kampala to transport rebel leaders to Uganda after the signature of the joint cooperation agreement between them. Now we own the necessary information that can enable us to take the right decision against the South and Uganda, and how to deal with the movements that are collaborating with them.

My personal opinion is that the negotiation with the rebels is a waste of time. They will not get what they want. Also we don’t accept them to return back and stay among us after the assistance they rendered to the enemy to separate the South, and they are still planning to separate the rest of the country. They will continue their business of separation throughout. It is better we defeat them militarily and those who remain we bring them back under Danial Kodi, Siraj and Al-Sese and they are all peace from within movements. We should attack them before the harvest and bombard their food stores and block them completely.

  • 1st Lt. Gen. Hashim Osman Hisen – Director General of Police:

All these talks should be translated into plans for implementation, because the threats to our national security are great, especially after the release of the Aug. 20-25th. Statement by the rebels and the Paris Declaration they signed with al-Mahdi. We should not ignore the tours they conducted in Europe. The meeting held by Minn, Abdal-Wahid and Al-Toom Haju with human rights organizations in addition to the meeting of Yasir Arman with the British Foreign Ministry aside from the symposium he talked in with Rosalinda in London, plus his meeting with political forces considered allies to the NCP like Molana Mohammed Osman Al-Marghani and Faruq Abu-Eisa. Plus the movements of Al-Hilu, and Agar. These are all conspiracies aiming at dismantling the Ingaz rule and taking its’ leaders to the hanging ropes.

Facing the reality is important. Even Addis meeting is going in the same direction of defaming the Islamic Movement and an attempt to lay down conditions they couldn’t achieve through the fighting and trying to get them by using Sadik Al-Mahdi. Sadik fail to unite his own party, how could he unite movements of conflicting interests and agenda. Some people in the movements will not come at all for the dialogue, Jibril due to the killing of his brother, Yasir Arman has nothing in common with us, Al-hilu has problems with the Nuba, Malik Agar killed thirty POWs from Gisan because they belong to the NCP and did not vote for him in the elections.

Minni Minawi killed many people from the Barti tribe and Abdal-Wahid has no movement. Let us go and prepare a force to protect the elections. Secondly, if the peace talks are necessary let them take place after the elections, and the internal national dialogue can continue after we hold the elections. We will continue recruiting and splitting the field commanders, and win them to our side since we have all the information about the rebels. We have to sign more agreements and never sit with the rebels as a group or collectively. Anybody wants to join us must surrender his gun. There must be strict control over the freedom of the press, political statements of the party leaders, and the national security should remain a red line. Any political or press statement should not violate the rule of law, so that, we don’t become like South Sudan, or Central African Republic.

In regards to the problem of South Sudan, it is not solvable. Let us criminalize anybody who support the rebellion or criticize the regular armed forces. Currently we laid down a plan to deploy 2,000 men from the Central Reserve Force in Darfur and the areas we liberated in South Kordofan in order to bring back life to normal in those areas. And help the Nuba people who wanted to bring their relatives from the rebel areas. There is security problem in Abiyei and the reason is due to the weakness on the side of Al-Kher Al-Fahiim. He must be replaced by a person for security background or mentality from the Misiriya tribe. We need somebody who can infiltrate them and use them against each other.

  • 1st. Lt. Gen. Hashim Abdalla Mohammed – Chief of Joint General Staff:

We had instructed all the division Commanders in the various States to follow the national dialogue sessions in their states. That is for them to use its resolutions for the unification of the people and rally them behind the armed forces with the aim to guarantee the support of all Sudanese to SAF through making them understand the national role of these armed forces. To let them understand that SAF is not a monopoly to a political party or a group.

SAF is against any dialogue that is supervised by foreigners, because it will end up dismantling SAF. We support separate forums for negotiation with the rebels, no unification of forums or negotiation with them as a group. People talk about political crisis, where is that crisis? All those rebels were part of the government once. They rebelled and killed many people from SAF. And today they say SAF is not a national force, or SAF is using foreign militias and mounted their campaign against SAF. Permit SAF and the RSF plus the sons of those areas to attack and clean these areas from the rebellion. We are ready for military operations.

The elections are a constitutional issue and should not be tied to the national dialogue.

Regarding the Shite’ sect expansion, it has nothing to do with our agreements with Iran. No connection between the strategic relation with Iran and the Shite’ belief expansion. Still we need to consult with them before we take any step to close the cultural centers. It happened before that we discussed this issue with the Republican Guards Commander in Iran. They are in picture that all Sudanese are Sunni and Shite’ belief is prohibited, and that it is not all the Sudanese are supporting the Ingaz, that it is possible that, some radicals can cause trouble or create a problem, as what has happened in Western Sudan, when they killed a Shite’ over religious differences. So let us separate between the two issues, the strategic relation and the Shite Cultural Centers.

We have a problem with the Saudi Arabia because they learnt about the weapons we transported to Abdal-Malik Al-Huthi Shite’ Believers in Yemen. Through the Red Sea.

We must change the balance of forces in South Sudan. Riak, Taban and Dhieu Mathok came and requested support in the areas of training in M.I. and especially in Tanks and artillery. They requested armament also. They want to be given advanced weapons. Our reply was that we have no objection, provided that we agree on a common objective. Then we train and supply with the required weapons. For sure we will benefit from their discourse. Taban apologized for the support he rendered to Darfurian movements and the role he played in Hijliij battle. That Dinka used them in that battle to spoil their relation with the North. But they discovered the mistake of late.

Now they are fighting to achieve a federal system or self- rule for each region. I think any self –rule for Greater Upper Nile is good for us in terms of border security, oil resources and trade. Now we have to study how to enable them own a well-trained force with efficient M.I. and logistic staff.

What so ever the case our relation with Iran is a red line without the support of Iran, the Ingaz would have been defeated.

For the purposes of organizing JEM forces we assigned Bdr. Gen.Al-Fadhil Bashiir Mohammed because it is a big force. We are not going to exchange POWs with the rebels. These are people who are sentenced according to the law. They rebelled against the State. Also it is our right to hire anybody interested to fight for money. The rebels are supposed to be the last people to talk about foreigners. Who is supporting them and where are they staying? Is it not in foreign country? We can bring all the Islamic movements to fight them, just we tell them that these rebels are collaborators and agents of America. We can create them a problem with the Islamic radicals, but we are not going to use this card now. Today our forces are controlling all the operation theatres and we have taken the initiative.

I second the proposal to change Al-Kher Al-Fahiim of Abiyei Committee. We must impose the rule of Law and the state authority, in the areas of the tribal fighting.

  • 1st. Lt. Gen. Mohammed Atta – Director General of N.I.S.S.:

There are people who are asking us to publish a report on Sept. 2013 events otherwise they will return Sudan to Chapter 4. Other intelligence people are pushing to know our opinion about Sept. 2013 events and whether it was a conspiracy to create Arab spring-like in Sudan with planning and finance by Egyptian/Saudi and Emirates intelligence to change the regime and that is why we suppressed it using brute force, so that it doesn’t repeat itself?

We intercepted all the telephone calls coming from Saudi, Emirates and Egyptian intelligence, and some people from the political parties of the Sudan. They were instructing people to go for demonstrations. They brought experts to administer the demonstrations. Since we were following the telephones we managed to arrest the real players and they confessed and disclosed all the details about the conspiracy and the name of officers assigned to supervise the demonstrations and the leadership in each country was receiving daily reports. That is why the Egyptians, Saudis and Emirates will fear when they discovered that, all the elements they sent were arrested by the security. On our side we did not disclose anything up to now, instead we want to use this file to blackmail them. They took a handful of measures fearing that we may use or release terrorist groups to revenge. No need to fear or hurry, we should use this file to the maximum. We will not disclose it. They talked to Ali Karti asking him to stop collaboration with Iran and promising to support us. Ali told me, but Ali didn’t know anything. So they are now sending mediators to help improve the relations.

They are asking us not to supply the Huthi of Yemen with any weapons. Also they asked us to take away the Air-Defense system and they will replace it for us what so ever the cost.

In regards to the Shite activities, the religious Intelligence branch is keeping a file with all the names of those converted to Shite’ belief. It has not reached the level of a threat yet. Whenever a problem arise I, always call the consul or contact the Iranian national security director and inform him about the risks connected to open proselytization, and that we have radical groups and fundamentalists who can react and cause troubles. That Sudanese are Sunni and reject Shite’ belief. That he must know that it is not all the Sudanese are followers of the Islamic movement. Anyhow, regular meetings between us to overcome any misunderstanding. The most difficult problem was the incident of killing a Shite in Western Sudan because he declared his new belief. I received a call from the Iranian in charge of the republican guards and the security advisor. After explanation we agreed to separate between the two issues. The strategic military and security relation on one side and the cultural relation on the other. The problem was resolved. Then they reported the agreement to their leadership.

Let us accommodate all the civilians who desert the rebel areas, give them orientation by their own sons who are loyal to the government. They are to be told that in order to protect themselves, they should encourage their children to join the RSF. We want to prove that the defeat of the rebellion in Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile was done by the people of the area. We must not give access for relief assistance to be delivered before we reach a comprehensive ceasefire and a full security arrangement agreement. We will not allow them to unite the opposition, and anybody who dares to meet the rebels will be arrested, charged and taken to court. If Sadik Al-Mahdi did not apologize he would have been in prison up to now. Also this applies to Ibrahim Al-Shekh: if he doesn’t submit a written apology to the RSF or accept to collaborate with us he will not be released from prison.

Paris Declaration and all the other rebel meetings are just paid for collaboration with NGOs. And governments who are against us, but we don’t care for the pressure they exert. They went to Europe not knowing that, the EU Is supporting the dialogue initiative. We are not in a hurry. It is the rebels who fear that other events may overtake their case, and they will be forgotten by the World.

In fact the international community will forget them. With the appearance of the ISIS, Europe and America must cooperate with us in the name of combating terrorism. This is where we can bargain with the SRF case. They tried to use the Christians case but they fail. We are Islamists and we can’t abandon our conviction because of five individuals. We are following all their movements and we don’t respond to pressures. The whole world boycotted us, including the Arab Countries at the beginning of the Ingaz rule, but they fail to remove us from power. We are taking their statements seriously and made all the precautions. We follow the rebels including the means of communications they use. We have people who meet them in Addis Ababa and take photos of all their meetings. This will enable our experts in body language to analyze their characters during and after the meetings, in order to find out their impressions. They don’t know anything. We said any relief assistance must be under our supervision and after we reach a comprehensive political agreement.

They are targeting the security organs, but they don’t know how these organs work. Even those who came during the days of Naivasha went without knowing how we think or work.

The aim of the rebels who are talking about a holistic approach is that, they want us to negotiate with them as armed movements for political partnership with us, and their forces to be part of integrated joint forces with SAF.

These rebels are not existing on the ground. They are a creation of the Internet. There are some in Darfur and few others in the two areas. They think we are weak. The communists give to them wrong information about us. They tell them one time that the regime is collapsing and another time [that] the NCP accepted dialogue because they are suffering from internal differences. They don’t know that even if the NCP disappeared, we still have, the regular armed forces that will fill up the vacuum.

I have attended the meeting of the president of the republic with the whole leadership of the NISS on Monday Aug. 14th 2014. We briefed him on how the NISS work, and gave him our vision. We said the national dialogue must be held inside the country, elections to take place on time, the decisive summer campaign must continue. We should step-up the recruitment to increase the RSF.

We must send a force from the RSF to guard the gold mining activities, and they must prevent them from selling the gold to anybody aside from the central bank of Sudan, and they have to control the borders from Abu-Hamad to the Red Sea state and up to Wadi-Halfa. We should establish four military training centers far away from the cities under the supervision of Bdr. Gen. (Security) Abdal-Siid Omer. Any journalist or politician who criticizes the RSF must be arrested and charged with spying and collaboration.

The president praised Bakhit Dabajo movement and instructed that his men must be trained. He also thanked Nuba Mountains leaders for their nationalism, sincerity and their real desire infighting the rebellion, plus their effort to encourage the youth join the RSF in order to participate in ridding the mountains from the SRF. We also submitted to him a proposal to divide South Kordufan state into two states on condition that it is completely liberated, and that must take place with the participation of the sons of east Kordofan in the liberation effort. We recruit all the able bodied youth to join the RSF, especially now after the salaries are increased and became high. In fact when we discussed this idea with leaders from East Kordofan and they welcomed it. With this behavior we will be able to crush the rebellion.

The rebels are planning to internationalize the case of the area, but we are following the movement of the rebel leaders, wherever they go we know and we have groups who meet with them and they are staying in those countries under the cover of business. Others got political asylum and recognized by the governments of those countries. Infiltration of militias is always easy.

I say our relation with Iran is strategic and should be above all other interests. Anyone who wants to sabotage it, means he doesn’t know or aware of the art of keeping balances or lacks the necessary information.

All the plans for dividing the SRF and the SPLM are in place with the aim to get rid of the New Sudan Project.

We agreed to establish an efficient Intelligence and security organs for those of Taban to cover all their offices and the requirements of the field. These organs will work under our supervision and we help analyze the information for them. The running cost of their offices is my personal responsibility beside the N.I.S.S. We pledged to provide them with full protection and security, since we were instructed by the president on the day of the visit of Dr. Riak to Khartoum.

  • 1st. Lt. Gen. Abdal-Rahim Mohammed Hisen – Minister to Defense:

I start with our relation with Iran and say it is strategic and everlasting. We cannot compromise or lose it. All the advancement in our military industry is from Iran. They opened the doors of their stores of weapons for us, at a time the Arabs stood against us. The Iranian support came at a time we were fighting a rebellion that spread in all the directions including the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). The Iranian provided us with experts and they trained our M.I. and security cadres. Also they trained us in weapons production and transferred to us modern technology in military production industry.

They are still present with us. There is one full Battalion of the Republican Guards still with us here and other experts who are constructing for us interception and spying bases in order to protect us, plus an advanced Air Defense system. They built for us Kenana and Jebel Awliya Air Force bases. One month ago they transported to us BM missile launchers and their rockets using civil aviation planes. We stored them in Kenana and sold part of them to Qatar to support Libya fighters after they were subjected to attacks by the Egyptian and Emirates air-forces. That helped them to achieve victory. I say the military relation should be separated from the religious one.

Regarding, the relation between Sadik and the rebel groups that started. We have nothing to fear. They accused me to the ICC. And I don’t think there is anything harmful more than that. Their objective is to divide the Sudan. They are conspiring, but let them go and find a place other than Sudan to implement it. Look at the statement of the rebels which they want to execute with the help of France and the American Envoy. This is meddling in our internal affairs. Accordingly the American envoy should not be permitted to enter Sudan. Follow Sadik trips. He must be held responsible and answer for it. You know Sadik is impatient, he will return when he sees time is running and there is no change taking place. Also, he may decide to return, when he learns about the defeat of the rebel.

We will not allow the dialogue forum to be taken abroad. Mbeke paid me a visit and we discussed the decision of the rebellion to refuse the confinement of the talks on the two areas only. Mbeke said they should not mix the case of the two areas with the problems in the rest of Sudan. If they are interested to discuss the problems of the whole Sudan, then its correct forum is the national dialogue, which was initiated by the president. Also this file cannot be taken to the UNSC. It must remain under the AU, and that Sudan has one army that is SAF.

The problem of the two areas is connected to the implementation of the Joint Cooperation Agreement with Juba to define the Zero line and the observation mechanism. In addition to the limitation of the no man’s land and the border trade crossing points. If the South accepted then the rebels will succumb and they will agree to negotiate the issues of the two areas only. I agreed with Mbeke that he go to the South to meet Salva in order to fix a date for the meeting of the political and security committee under the AUHIP. Also we did consult each other on the necessity to bring all the Darfurian movements to the dialogue on the basis of the vision of the government and the dialogue is to be inside Sudan.

“I told him that we trust [Mohamed Bin [C]hambas who will bring to you all the Darfur movements in Addis Ababa and the aim of the Addis meeting with them is for consultation only and not for negotiation. In case one of them is interested in negotiation let him go to Doha. He is going to bring all of them to Addis and seek their opinion on the proposal, if reject the dialogue then the position of Sudan will be correct, and we will be able to defend it in front of the international community. In that case Sudan would be seen to have done its’ best by the international community. Mbeke will participate in the dialogue from within as an observer. Also I, met Ali Al-Zaatari (UN) and he is pro us. And met Salah Halima (AL) and he is also supporting us, and Hailey Menkariuos and he is also pro us. We did a big job for Mohammed Bin [C]hambas.

When I met him, he said the UN is going to investigate into the reports of the UNAMID Mission and [bin Chambas] advised me to correct things on the ground to conform to their reports about our performance. He told me that Darfur has no case or problem and their remaining movements should join Doha agreement, and if they want to join the internal national initiative it is up to them and let them come. We leave the invitation to the dialogue to be the responsibility of the AU. I’m a witness Sudan did its best, it is the movements that insist to continue the war and there is nothing that can bring together Darfur and the two areas. These are two different problems. Each case has a forum. All the movements have to agree to security arrangements, and he (Bin-[C]hambas) to Dabajo wing of JEM who organized and handed to SAF (1,350) fighters, aside from Justice and Liberation Movement of Tijani Sese who has (2,500) fighters to be integrated. After that we can collect the guns from civilians and prevent carrying guns inside the IDP camps. We are working to return the civilians to their villages in addition to repatriation of the refugees from Tchad and that Um-Jaras conference was supportive to peace.

We must continue the military operations. We shall continue bombarding the rebel concentration areas by air force. In the coming dry season we need any fighter from any country that can fight under our command in addition to the sons of the war affected areas to act as guides to the rebel defenses. SRF statement on Aug. 20-25th 2014 and Paris Declaration expose their intentions and objectives that they repeat since 1989, there is nothing new in them and they fail to achieve them. If it were not for Naivasha all the rebellion should have finished. Those interested in dialogue should surrender their guns, but these ones have big hopes and they are attempting to dismantle SAF and the security organs. That because SAF and the Security are blocking them from achieving the goals of their masters and the traitors. All the statements they released after those meetings expose students’ mentality and they are not realistic. The NGOs who are supporting them continued to repeat the same old positions; it was good to see those statements, because they help us understand what they think.

We are going to squeeze Sadik Al-Mahdi until he withdraws from the alliance with this SRF. All this fuss and rhetoric belong to the SPLM-N. It is SPLM-N ideas, but Darfur movements have no ideas that can enable them to lead people. Each one of them usually contradicts himself alone. Our mission is to dismantle these peoples of the movements and we counter them. In regards to their movements abroad we don’t care even if the whole World took their side. Let them come to the battlefield. They are dreaming to rule Sudan. It is just a fuss that will fade away. What so ever the case the White People will never give you enough support or fight along with them. The greatest liars are the White People; they are concerned about their own interest only.

We did a great job with the Ethiopians in terms of securing the borders. The Egyptians conceded a lot. They prevented the opposition from conducting any activities in Cairo, but this is not enough. They must deport all the movements and close their offices. Up to now we have not treated them equally or retaliated. But I, told their minister of Defense and they know what we can do in collaboration with Qatar and Libya. This is because the Islamists movements took the initiative in Libya.

The people of South Sudan must accept to meet us and tell us their opinion on the drawing of the zero line and the buffer zone. If they refused we can deal with them in a manner that suit the threat they pose to us. I met Riak, Dhieu and Taban and they are regretting the decision to separate the South and we decided to return his house to him. He requested us to assist him and that he, has shortage in the M.I. personnel, operations command and tank technicians. We must use the many cards we have against the South in order to give them unforgettable lesson.

SAF and the security are ready from now to protect the elections, and our instructions are that, any demonstration, grouping or sabotage must be fired at, because the act of sabotaging the elections, targeting state institutions was mentioned in their statements that are calling for the removal of the regime through armed struggle or demonstrations. All these means are crimes and can be considered as rebellion against the state, or an attempt to disturb law and order and causing of chaos. We still remember Sept. 2013 experience, and that after we fired at them, they stopped issuing any statement or movement or talk about the then on-going military operations. The coming demonstrations they are planning to conduct during the elections constitute a crime and we will deal with it firmly and timely.

The dialogue must lead us to the elections. Discussion of the military and security laws is not allowed in the national dialogue forum.

It is worth mentioning here that, the youth started to register, in order to join SAF and the RSF after the increase of the salaries in a manner that was unprecedented and unexpected. A private soldier gets Ls. 2,000 salary a month, a 2nd Lt. Officer will be paid Ls.4,000 a month aside from other allowances and services. A salary of a Lt. Colonel is greater than a salary of a minister.

Our instructions are that all the civilians who escape from the operation areas should receive good treatment and their children to be encouraged to join the RSF.

The economic situation can be addressed and will improve due to the fact that our country have all the requirements needed for industrialization, Agriculture, basic infrastructure, oil and there is no hungry person. This is temporary; just days and they will pass. The military industries will cover all our needs in the armed forces. You must know that we have around forty (40) companies abroad, that constitute the investments for security purposes in addition to the Islamic movement companies, popular security companies and public security companies whose total capital is greater than two billion. They are still run by civilians, because we thought about that, since the first days of the revolution because we anticipated that we are going to be targeted, and we must use cover. This is due to the fact that, if we succeeded to maintain the security sector which is a priority, then it will protect our institutions and our mission will not be affected by the economic situation.

Lastly I say the M.I. and security organs must work hard to divide the SRF and the SPLM-N at a go, implant a bigger number of agents in the movements, buy more leaders and cadres, direct the media to concentrate on them, follow their movement, distort their images internally and scare the community from them, isolate them from their social bases and instigate their relatives against them. Pass intelligence and security information to the countries that work with them, through friendly security organs. We must siege them, intelligence and security wise, internally and internationally in order to foil their plans.

America has fallen into the trap of the ISIS and the other Jihadist movements that are newly formed and can move freely outside the traditional surveillance networks. Currently, there are twenty thousand (20,000) Jihadists and fifteen (15) newly formed Jihadist Movements who are scattered all over from Morocco to Egypt, Sinai, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, all Gulf States, [a w]ide presence in Africa and Europe and nobody else own a data-base on that as the one we have. We release only limited information to the Americans according to the request and the price is the armed movements file. The coming days carry a lot of surprises.

  • Professor/ Ibrahim Ghandur – Deputy Chairman of the NCP:

I, agree to all what you have said.

First our preparation for the elections is going according to plan. Our party conferences are holding all over the country and the convention will take place on time, except that, we are going to delay  naming of our for the presidency contester to the last moments to take the political arena by surprise. We want our security organs to inform us about the opinion of all political parties, loyal or detractors on the elections before time to enable us influence things earlier.

We have already agreed with the Popular Congress Party (PCP), and we are paying them compensations on individual and party level losses plus money for inducement to PCP members who are opposing the reconciliation and close- up steps. The total amount to be paid to them is three (3) billion. The agreement is that the three billion is to be paid in three phases. The first ratio to be paid at the beginning of the national dialogue. The second ratio, to be handed at the nomination for the elections. The third, and the last to be paid during the election campaign. We did this agreement that way in order to guarantee the participation of all the PCP leaders and base in the election process.

We agreed to it due to the fact that, Turabi support to us has another dimension, that his support means the consent and support of all the Islamic movements who are members of the Islamic International Islamic Movement. On top of that, the importance of Turabi support comes in case there is any security threat, he can join us in the jihad against our common enemy. The third is that, we will be able to bring all the Islamists together by that agreement on the basis of a joint program of mutual benefit to all. It is not necessary to come under one organization, the most important is the common objective against the secular forces or currents and the conspiracies targeting the Islamists all over the Arab land.

Regarding Al-Marghani group (DUP) half of the party are with us, but still we need to concentrate on Hasan Hilal, Ahmed Saad Omer and Omer Al-Shariif (currently ministers). We stand behind them, give them information on how they are targeted within their party.

Also half of Ghazi Salahadiin[‘s] Party is ours.

We want our security organs to maintain and keep the opposition elements in order to allow for opposition voices with us. This will help us convince the international community that ours is a mature and genuine democracy. Our relation with the EU is good and all the attempts of the SRF to enjoy recognition by the EU failed. They only meet parliaments and not governments while the decision lie with the executive. We want a slow dialogue for maneuver. If we see that we benefit from it we accelerate it, but if it is not in our favor, it can go slowly and the elections to take place on time. Our aim still is to go to the election enjoying legitimacy accorded by the national dialogue process.

Regarding the movements, it is clear that, they will not join the dialogue because their ceiling is high, and their understanding is that we are weak. According to them we are weak that is why we threw the national dialogue initiative. Their thinking is that, the national dialogue will provide them with an opportunity to dismantle the Ingaz and taking its leaders to trials. They are mistaken because anybody who wants dialogue must accept to participate without condition. Sadik went to use them and they also want to use him, when they discovered that all their conspiracies against us fail.

The rebel statement and Paris Declaration are one in content. Paris Declaration contains expressions intended to appease Sadik, because they don’t want him to lose support in his party. But at the same time it contains a bait to lure the NCP to accept the declaration. Sadik contacted Mustafa Osman and told him about the declaration. Mustafa came to me. We went together to the president house. We found him with Abdal-Rahim. We discussed the declaration and the president said you reject it. We went to Al-Ziber Ahmed the S/G of the Islamic Movement and he said he made consultations and they rejected it. They considered it as a conspiracy directed against us. He told us that you must criminalize anyone who attended or participated in this Declaration. This declaration is supervised by foreign circles that are endeavoring to destroy Islam and the Muslims and it is tainted by the SPLM vision.

So we asked Mbeke and Bin-[C]hambas to bring together the rebels for consultation about the national dialogue and both are in agreement with us. Otherwise in regards to relief assistance or civilians our position is that no relief without permanent and forever comprehensive cease-fire agreement according to a bundle of arrangements that should lead to disarmament and demobilization of all the militias.

Regarding Al-Kher Al-Fahim it is clear that his performance is weak. We are interested in a relation with the South that is free from treachery. But Salva Kiir used to deceive us always, despite our knowledge of every detail, but we showed patience. We wanted him to stop his support to the rebels and hand over the boarders to us, but he always look for excuses. So we remain with no choice, but to liberate our land from the control of the rebels.

The relation with Iran is one of the best relations in the history of the Sudan. The assistance we received from Iran is immeasurable. Accordingly, the management of this relation require wisdom and knowledge with all its details. The commonalities between us are many. People should not limit their concern to the aspect of converting to Shite’ only. There are many infiltrators who are working to see us lose our relation with Iran. We must note that Iran is a friend to all the Islamic movements Worldwide. We need to conduct internal consultations on one side and then we put our Iranian partners in picture about all the details.

The economic crisis is temporary. It will improve since programs were laid down to solve the problems facing it. It will improve soon by increasing the agricultural and animal production. At the same time we must discover what the Arabs and the Egyptian need, taking into consideration their hatred to the Muslim Brothers rule and their intentions towards us. We need at this juncture to end the war. Once the war is over we use the money spent on it to support the economy. So, ending the civil war in Darfur states and Kordofan will have positive impact on the economy, even if you take the livestock only for export.

  • 1st Lt. Gen. Bakri Hasan Salih – 1st. Vice President:

It worth mentioning that all the political forces in the country and the regional and international community are following with deep concern the steps taken by president Bashir to change his former policies, which was followed by another changes in the working relations that led to improvement in the performance of the civil service.

In this meeting it is not necessary that we agree on every point we discuss. Every one to express his point and views and I will inform the president with all the details and the majority and minority opinion regarding each topic.

The greatest security and social threat is coming from South Sudan (foreign existence Uganda, America, France and Israel), the Armed Movements, South Sudanese and two areas displaced and refugees due to war (diseases, social crimes, children missing education and some converted to Christianity).

We are not interested in any relation with South Sudan or the neighboring countries, but it is a reality that requires us to respond and deal with it. Dr. Riak paid me a visit on Aug. 11th 2014. He said the Dinka exterminated his tribe. He requested assistance. The president accepted to host a liaison office. This is because Salva is hosting the Darfurian movements and the two divisions.

The negotiations, national dialogue, Paris Declaration and all their statements are needed to take us to the elections. Those who are interested to join the Ingaz and co-exist with us are welcome. But we are not ready to respond or work under pressure. Nobody is paying us and we are not indebted to anybody. America deceived us in regards to the separation of the South. They did not lift our name from the list of the States sponsoring terrorism or relieve our debts. So the Envoy should not come.

Sadik’s children are with us here. The more he stays abroad it will become monotonous for him. Let him finish his visits. What next?

The president and I agreed with Mbeke and Bin-[C]hambas to bring all the armed movements to attend the national dialogue here in Khartoum. My reading and their statements show that they will not come. In fact we want peace from within. We count on Idriis Dibbi [Deby], Qatar, and Wadaa committee to help us achieve this peace from within.

You must work hard to see Siddiig Ismail back to the movements Dossier of Umma party. But it [will] require a lot of effort. We should not ignore the file of South Sudan and the cooperation agreement. Let the joint committee be activated.

Let us work to support the people of South Kordofan to enable the [expulsion of] the armed movements from their land.

Our relation with Iran is strategic one and unchangeable. [They] who wants to assist us can do that without conditions. Once, in Saudi Arabia came to me Abdal-Hafiz Ibrahim and told me that the Kingdom foreign minister wanted to support [us], [but] the problem is your relation with Iran. That [our] leadership will not accept, and a lot of talk. I realized that he is infiltrated. I told Mohammed Atta to put him under surveillance. We don’t talk now. Leave him until we pass the election. After that many people must be changed. How do we trust them?

The Shite’ activity is known to us. We can stop it without leaving negative impact on the relation. We have to tell them that it can cause a problem and we may lose the whole relation, meanwhile Sudan is strategic to Iran. What connect us to the Shite’ is Lebanon and Yemen only. Try to manage this crisis until we see the result of the national dialogue, the elections, wipe out the rebellion to end the war. This is because we don’t want foreign solutions again. Any agreement should be Sudanese reached within the country.

Regarding the Egyptian Muslim Brothers, scatter them and do not allow them to stay together in one place. Put them in different places in Khartoum, but again far away from the vital installations.

Place them under close surveillance, because are infiltrated by many governments. Mohammed Atta you have a complete data about them that we collected during my tenure in the management of the N.I.S.S. Still there are good ones among them. The most important thing is that you have to keep an eye on them in order to provide them with protection in the first place, then to know the details of each and every one of them. Give them programmed SIM Cards with the interception device in order to know more about them. Turkey is the one paying for them.


  • Three political and security committees to be formed to analyze the issues raised by the armed movements in the statements and the Declaration and present them to help the decision making group when needed.
  • Redrawing of the political and diplomatic map that was guiding the government institutions in their interaction with various international institutions and governments in the past to guarantee compatibility and harmony in dealing with such issues in accordance with the new policies.
  • Prevent contradiction in policies, alliances, and agreements that may take new direction or may deviate from the traditional Sudanese policy that was the norm for long time.
  • Foreign policy management departments should work under the supervision of the military and security organs responsible for the national security affairs to cope [ ] with the new internal and external changes.
  • We consider the New Sudan Project as top internal and regional challenge that endeavours to expand the foreign intervention and division of Sudan. All the political, security, military, and diplomatic organs should change the approach in dealing with it.
  • Recognize Dr. Riak Liaison office and all organs are required to provide protection and security to them.
  • Maintenance of relations with Iran and to be protected from any threats. Should be managed by military and security organs.
  • Immediate work to divide the movements according to a well-studied plan.
  • Rejection of Paris Declaration, criminalize and hold accountable its sign[atories].
  • The joint political and security committee with South Sudan should hold its meetings  before the beginning of the decisive summer campaign.
  • Internal dialogue is the way to peace.
  • Preparation of the necessary force for the protection of the elections.
  • Support the sons of the two areas to enable them push out the rebels from their areas.
  • Prevent any opposition politician from travelling abroad with the aim to fail the movements attempt to unite the opposition.
  • Support the mechanism intended to disperse or empty the IDP camps.
  • Create differences and security strike in the IDP camps.
  • Presentation of a convincing legal defense to the coming Human Rights conference in Geneva.
  • Consider the New Sudan Project as a threat to the unity and stability of Sudan.
  • Exercise pressures and other motivations to Sadik Al-Mahdi children so that they pressurize him to return to Sudan.
  • Increase the numbers of all the regular forces and encourage the youth to join the RSF especially.
  • Treatment of Police Central Reserve Force participating in the military operations equally with SAF and the RSF.
  • Relief of Al-Kher Al-Fahiim immediately and replace him by another one with security background for Abiyei.
  • Foreign solutions to the problems of Sudan are not wanted.